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About our first book

In the Author's words

It is intended that this is one of several volumes to present my on-going work in the production of one-off 1/12 scale models
of Formula One Grand Prix cars, mainly from the late 1960s and 1970s.

These models are unusual in that they are either super-detailed conversions of commercially available kits (e.g. Tamiya),
or they represent models of cars never seen before in 1/12 scale. In this way they are unique and may involve
scratch-building the entire monocoque. An engine block from a kit is relied upon, and also the wheels and tyres along with some small parts such as a steering wheel, mirrors and brake calipers. However, in many cases nearly everything else is made from raw materials and in that sense, multiple parts are also scratch-built. This is not to confuse these models with wholly scratch-built models made by a professional modeller, who will often sell short-numbered runs of models
at a premium. I am not a professional model-maker, but I do greatly admire their work and aspire to their level of
supreme skill and artistry.


This is hoped to be the first of several volumes to present on-going work in the production of one-off 1/12 scale models
of Formula One Grand Prix cars.

Reviews - What are they saying?

Auto Modeler

This book comes with a hard cover, and is in a A4 landscape format with 72 glossy pages with full colour photos.

The author, Mark R. Oakley, is in his own words "not a professional model maker", but he is a truly outstanding model maker who builds for the enjoyment and his passion for F1 - and this shows in the book.

The enthusiasm from the author really shines through in the book, with the passion he has for F1 in general, and the level of detail and research he puts into the model.

Some books about a particular build can be a little sterile, but this volume is very interesting as it is more about the journey and the dedication of the build that the author brings to life.

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